Terms and conditions

Terms of Delivery and Use

Delivery terms

  • When placing an order with delivery, you will receive it within 0.15 min -2.5h, depending on delivery area.
  • The last order will be accepted 30 minutes before the end of delivery working hours.
  • The order placed in website shall be considered as accepted from a moment, when you receive a call from operator and the order is confirmed.
  • If at the time of order delivery the courier is unable to hand over the order to the customer due to customer’s fault (the customer doesn’t answer the phone calls or cannot be reached at the specified address), then the courier has the right to leave the address and return the products to the Ledenite or go to the next address for delivery.
  • Customer, who has paid for the order in Bank or other Payment system and the order is not received as the customer can’t be reached repeatedly by phone and in specified address, the payment for the order shall not be returned.

Payment terms

  • Cash on delivery
  • Bank card on delivery

Return of goods

If you would like to return or replace delivered order due to Ledenīte fault (it doesn’t conform to the food description or there is delivered wrong order), please call to our phone number +371 20670000, in order to agree on order return or replacement.

The order return shall not be accepted, if the food has already started to be eaten.

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